Resume of Christopher William Hicks



I use UNIX to include Linux, BSD and the many commercial UNIX derivatives.

My use and knowledge of UNIX is extensive. I use Linux every day as my primary desktop environment. My experience includes kernel and other systems-level development, systems administration, application development, and Internet connectivity. Particularly, my knowledge of security issues is extensive and hands-on. I have setup, created, and analyzed authentication and encryption systems.

I've managed and developed on the following UNIX versions: Linux (Fedora Core, Red Hat Linux, Slackware, Mandrake, INSERT and others), Solaris (2.x), AIX, various BSD's, DG-UX, SunOS, NCR SVR4 UNIX, Unisys SVR4.2, HP-UX, UnixWare, SCO, Xenix (286, 386 and 68k), and TI1500 SVR4.

I've developed training material and taught UNIX Systems Administration, Introduction to UNIX, and UNIX Shell Scripting classes.

Software Development

I've been involved as a software architect, coder, integration engineer, QA Manager, and field troubleshooter.

My knowledge of a variety of industries includes manufacturing, insurance, financial investments, publishing, medical records, weather, student records, human resources, and ticket sales.

I've developed with the following languages: Extensive Perl C, C++, Java, shell (sh, ksh, bash, and csh), ObjectPAL. Significant JavaScript, BASIC (many including Business BASIC), Assembler (primarily 68k, x86 and sparc), tcl/tk, Pascal, PAL, LISP, and PostScript. Some eLISP, Forth, Python, Assembler (z80 and 65xx).

I've developed training material for and taught Perl classes from introductory to advanced topics. I've taught Java, JavaScript, and HTML classes.


I have done considerable work in database analysis, design, development, and administration. My work emphasizes normalization, concurrency, and efficiency while excelling at usability.

My experience includes the following RDMBS's: Primarily MySQL and Oracle (5.0 through 8.x). Some Sybase, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Informix, DB2, and Progress. I've also done extensive work with various desktop database products.


As in my other areas of knowledge, my networking knowledge includes a strong mix of theoretical knowledge with practical experience. I have done considerable work with tcp/ip, DECnet, Novell ipx, and Microsoft NetBEUI. I have worked on Wireless (802.11b/g), WAN's (from dial-up to T3 and satellite) and LAN's (Ethernet and Token Ring).

I've configured equipment from the following router and networking equipment vendors: Livingston, Cisco, Farallon, 3Com, IBM, Ascend, Novell, Microsoft, Bay, Microcom, DEC, HP, Synoptics.



I have been the primary software developer on the following software projects:

  • National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services: I was brought in to manage the servers that were running AHPS for the NWS Eastern Region. Since then I have completely rewritten the web front end and created a web-based management tool that users in Weather Forecast Offices (WFO's) use to manage the data that appears on the web. My work is now being used nationally exclusively. This work included significant amounts of parsing to translate text files into a database, GIS work to dynamically create maps, data analysis work to produce meaningful graphs, using LDAP for authentication, email notification of changes and general web development. The publicly visible portion of this can be seen starting with the Weather.Gov Rivers Tab. A demo of the configuration interface used by the WFO's is available upon request.
  • iReserve: I am the lead developer on a web service for managing insurance claims. The site provides a web interface, a SOAP interface, and a SQL interface. Native clients utilizing the SOAP interface are in development. The web site produces custom reports in HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Excel instantly. This was developed on Red Hat and Fedora Core Linux utilizing MySQL 4.0, Apache 2.0, mod_perl 2.0, and Perl 5.8. A demo is available online.
  • DAR: I created a database to support buying and selling of components. I analyzed the input data, designed the database, built the database server, built the user interface, and processed the many initial inputs into the database. The front-end was based on Java and HTML forms. Approximately 40 gigabytes of input data was processed using perl and SQL into 8 gigabytes of data in the relational database. This was developed using Red Hat Commercial Linux 5.0 and mysql 3.21.
  • Virginia Department of Health: An Oracle database was created to manage children's Medicare records. The system increased operator efficiency, reduced input errors, and handled communications with the state's purchase order system and Federal reporting requirements. I managed several programmers and handled Data Base Administration on Oracle 6 and 7 as well as UNIX system administration on an NCR UNIX system.
  • Challenger Business Systems: A serial-based middleware product in MS-Windows and four different versions of UNIX was created. It multiplexed data from multiple electronic parts catalogs to a dealer business system. This required systems-level programming under HP-UX, Xenix, SCO UNIX, and TI1500 System V. The client program included a rather complete terminal emulator.

Web Sites

I have also been involved in several Intranets that are not be listed here

I have been the primary developer of these sites:

  • iReserve - a web service for medical malpractice claims management
  • Dine-net.Com - a web site specializing in restaurant gift certificates, sadly now defunct

I have contributed to the following sites:

Consulting Clients

Only one topic is listed for each client. Most clients utilized skills from several areas.


  • Case Corporation
  • Challenger Business Systems, Inc.
  • University of Richmond


  • Medical College of Virginia
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Department of General Services
  • Patient Advocate Foundation


  • Circuit City
  • US News & World Report
  • Performance Support Systems, Inc.

Perl development:

  • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • National Weather Service
  • Claims Management Resources, Inc. (iReserve)
  • National Dealer Services


These individuals are experienced with my abilities and methods. They are willing to answer your questions.



Address: 349 Bridgewater Drive, Newport News, VA 236-3

Voice Phone: 757-969-5722

Egotistical Shrine:

Thank you for taking the time to review my capabilities.